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E-NUMBERS This is the closest I will ever get to writing music. I called it E-Numbers for three reasons, first, because it's a hyperactive little tune, that it was written by using numbered pre-written "blocks" or bars of music, and finally because it was written on a Sony Ericsson mobile phone.
E-Numbers... get it?

There are four versions it as well; the original Mini Version, then the Recommended Daily Allowance (or Full) Version, after I'd thought up an extra bit to the tune, the Micro Version which is the only one small enough to send in a picture message, and this version - The 4 Minute Overdose. I thought posting all of them might be overdoing it just a tad.

No way do I expect any prizes for originality; everyone with the same mobile as me will probably have created something like this. But it's fun and so I'm pleased with it anyway.
I've played this to a few friends, and most of them, or at least the gamers among them, tell me that their thumbs start twitching about a minute in. Also, it reminds me of some of the music mods from 10 - 15 years ago, and gives me that warm fuzzy nostalgic feeling inside.

You're welcome to right-click and "Save Target as", then play it on something better than this, or use it as your ringtone.

TERMINATOR 2 (on Kazoo and Duck-call) This is ancient and shamefully bad...but then I HAVE no shame! I sang the leadline as accurately as I could then multitracked it. With the solo kazoo on harmony and "twiddly bits", I tried to be over-enthusiastic, early/late, slightly off-key, and most of all irritating. I hope it worked.
PHONES (the little E-Numbers Guy) I drew him while I was still in the grip of "composing" E-Numbers. I had visions of making a little animation of him, but I'm too lazy, and so he turned into mobile phone wallpaper instead.
Gloomy Bear - Para Para Star?
(I don't think so.)
It was one of those things that seemed like a really good idea at the time - the time being Minamicon14 on Saturday night after several hours in the Bar. In my defence, I can only say that we were drunk, me, my cameraman, and the bear. Honest Guv. (Play in Windows Media Player. Anything else and the film drags about a beat behind the music, which is why YouTube was no good.)