Name: Mary Elizabeth Beaird.
Nicknames: Mazaq, EMBY, Ebichu64, Six Bananas...
Born: Oldchurch Hospital, Romford, Havering, UK.
Height: 5í4".
Weight: Mind your own beeswax!
Eyes: Brown, Two.
Hair: Brown going grey so dyed red, Havenít counted them recently...
Family: My Partner, Mum and Dad, two elder brothers and their wives.
Artistic License: Issued 1969 (amateur-enthusiastic).
Poetic Licence: Issued 1973 (poetical-comical-lyrical).
Broomstick Licence: Expired 1991.
Forklift Licence: Expired 1999.
Writerís Block: To hold my pens.
Blood Group: O- (please give generously).
Medical Status: Biohazard.
Favourite Animals: Tapir, Cuttlefish, Octopus, Rat, Cat.
Interests: Look around the site. Plus music and my garden. Oh yes, Iím a eBay junkie and the original Diet Coke-Head.
Contact Me This is my first flirtation with html, so if you find any broken links, or if you want to comment on the site, or make any suggestions, just e-mail me. TTFN.